Technical Support

Product Support

We have an in-house research and development department, who are improving the performance of the filter media and continually looking at innovative uses of BRIMAC® char. This, coupled with our extensive experience of filtration systems allows us to resolve most problems in a time efficient manner.

Problem Solving

Are you experiencing faults with your filter system?

Calling on our years of experience, we can help diagnose and repair your faulty system. We can cover the filter media, filter system and control systems, and we can even fabricate replacement parts where required. We can truly provide a one stop shop.


Is your filter system not performing as designed?

We can analyse your current system, identify the components that are under performing and advise the best course of action.


For larger filtration systems, we can provide regular scheduled maintenance to keep them performing as required.

System Design

Do you have a specific filtration requirement?

We have a number of turnkey filtration systems or our filtration engineers can design and cost a bespoke system to meet your requirements.

Chemical Analysis

We can provide sampling and analysis of both raw input and treated output of your filter system, to verify that the filtration system is performing as you require.